The Outnet Summer Shop

Working within The Outnet creative team, I was asked to produce wireframes for the upcoming release of our summer page. It was devised to split the page into 'modes' to reflect different ways we shop for product. By using the top buttons to navigate through, the content on the page changes below to reflect this. 

My role was to come up with a way to navigate between the different types of content and explore the visual style of the page, then going on to work with the tech team on build.
Above shows an initial mockup of the pages navigation. This simple animation was created using adobe after effects and was used as a guide for the tech team to build the required functionality.
Above shows the three states of the site in Summer, Relaxation and Party mode. A playlist was also created by the social team, and embedded into the site to try and capture the different feelings of summer.
Some websites that mention the summer shop:
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