The basis of my product was to create a product that was sustainable and usable long term that
allowed people to make their own probiotics.
My research started with looking at various forms of probiotic but after look at products like Yakult, I realised these became expensive. I wanted to convince people to make probiotics a part of their routine - after looking at the benefits I realised that for somebody like me who is on long term antibiotics, I was killing my good bacteria. After finding out about a fungus called Kefir, I realised this is a perfect ingredient to my kit. Kefir can be stored for a long time and when used it multiplies to create more of itself. When combined with milk in a warm place it causes good bacteria to grown in the milk. I decided to create a product that looks beautiful and can be stored at home in the fridge or cupboard that allows people to make this themselves any time they like. Not only that but once they grown enough they can pass it on to their friends. My product includes all of the ingredients needed to create kefir except milk. It also includes a pad for recipes and an instruction sheet.
Moloko was also published as part of this book!!
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